Abbreviations in units of measure

When preceded by a numeric quantity, units of measure are always shown as an abbreviation, even in diagnoses.

Do not add s to indicate plural form.

No periods are used.

Metric Units of Measure

With some exceptions (see list below), do not capitalize metric units of measure or their abbreviations.

  • cm = centimeter
  • dL = deciliter
  • g = gram
  • L = liter
  • mEq = milliequivalent
  • mg = milligram
  • mL = milliliter
  • mm = millimeter
  • mmHg = millimeter of mercury
  • msec, ms = millisecond
  • dB = decibel
  • Hz = hertz
The wound measured 2.5 cm.
The wound measured several centimeters.

Cubic centimeters

The abbreviation may also be changed to mL, depending on how your facility interprets the JCAHO dangerous abbreviations.

Nonmetric Units of Measure

Spell out common nonmetric units of measure (weight, depth, distance, height, length and width) except in tables.

Do not abbreviate nonmetric units in virgule constructions except when the expression combines a metric unit with a nonmetric unit.

The patient's IV was set to run at 5 mcg/min while she was in the ICU.
The baby weight 7 pounds 2 ounces.
She goes to the gym 3 days per week.


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