Forming plural proper nouns

See also: Proper nouns

Most surnames are pluralized with the addition of s.

the Smiths
the Wongs
the Kardashians

When a surname ends in s, x, ch, sh or z, add es to form the plural.

the Bankses
the Joneses
the Foxes
the Welches
the Welshes
the Perezes

NOTE: Omit the es ending if it makes the plural surname awkward to pronounce.

the Hodges NOT the Hodgeses
the Hastings NOT the Hastingses

Never change the original spelling of a surname when forming the plural.

When a surname is followed by Jr., Sr., or a number like 2nd or II, the plural can be formed two ways.

ORDINARY USAGE: the William Smith Jrs., the Michael Douglas 2nds
FORMAL USAGE: the William Smiths Jr., the Michael Douglases 2nd

To form the plural of a first name, add s or es, but do not change the original spelling.

She looked up all the Marys admitted during the period in question.
The patient said there were many Ralphs in the family.
The cousins were known as "the Timothys."

To form the plural of other proper nouns, add s or es but do not change the original spelling.

She said that two Christmases ago, she fell while decorating.
I always confuse the two Kansas Citys.
He said he owns six Rolexes.
When I think of Texans, I think of Stetsons.

In a few cases, the original spelling is altered when the plural is formed.

the Alleghenies (Allegheny Mountains)
the Rockies (Rocky Mountains)


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