Laboratory values and medication dosages are used frequently in medical transcription. This section details how to enter percents, proportions, ratios, ranges and units of measure. Much of this sectio Medical Transcription Grammar, Usage and Style

Measurements and Quantities

See also: Numbers. Some of the information contained in this section may duplicate information in that section, or a cross reference will be provided.
See also: Basic rules for percents, proportions, ratios and ranges.



A proportion is a ratio that expresses a relationship between part or parts, and the whole.
When the following conditions have been met, use a virgule in place of the word per:
1. There is at least one metric unit of measure, and;
2. At least one element includes a specific numeric quantity.

The dosage was calculated at 5 mcg/kg of body weight.
Meets the critieria of at least one metric unit of measure and a specific quantity
Dosage is measured in micrograms per kilogram of body weight.
Does not meet the criteria of a specific quantity

When the phrase does not include a metric unit of measure, spell out the word per and do not use a virgule. However, if an expression meets the criteria above and included a nonmetric unit of measure, use the virgule as outlined above.

Respirations are 18 per minute.
She sees her therapist 3 times per week.
Neither of these include a metric measurement
She takes 200 mg of ibuprofen 3 times per day.
The metric measurements is not part of the per expression
The IV will run at 5 mcg/min until the order is changed.
The metric measurement is part of the per expression; the phrase meets the criteria outlined above for using a virgule

The word per is spelled out when a prepositional phrase intervenes between the two units of measure.

The patient was instructed to take 81 mg of aspirin per day.
Prepositional phrase - in italics - intervenes between the measurement and the per expression

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